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February Print Offer

A Mini Print


Purchase a printed image during February to receive a complimentary Ladybird mini print.  Sized at 5×7 on 6×8 photography paper, this gorgeous print will look great in a desk frame or make a kind gesture as a gift to someone in your life.

Offer available until February 29, 2024 with purchase of printed image.  One offer per customer. 

“because all the stuff he likes, he already has”

“Recently my husband had a birthday and I’d been scratching my head for months wondering what to get him.  It was almost like mission impossible.  Because all the stuff he likes, he already has.  A Garden Tells A Story had an image of a blue wren in their online shop.  And I instantly knew it was the perfect thing for my husband’s birthday (he loves blue wrens). On the big day, my husband was delighted when he opened up the package I gave him.

But I didn’t realise exactly HOW MUCH he liked it until saw what he did with it.  I thought he was going to hang it up on the wall.  Silly me! No, he put it right next to the TV and his most beloved marble run.  So he can see it when he sits down in the evenings.  It helps him relax.”

Trudy R

HELLO!   Welcome to “A Garden Tells A Story”, I’m Kathryn, photographer of people, gardens and nature.

Over the last few years photographing wildlife, plants and flowers has been a personal project alongside Professional Portrait Photography.  There is so much to learn about the relationship between plants and nature in home gardens.

Home gardens in the urban landscape provide essential habitat for wildlife.  This is even more important with increasing urban development and the loss of established trees and gardens.  And for us humans, a great place to focus on creating beautiful gardens and just relaxing in our personal little sanctuary.

The stories that exist in these gardens are the inspiration behind “A Garden Tells a Story”.

Birds, insects, plants and people create these beautiful and important moments and I feel so privileged to capture them. It’s inspired me to create my own bird and insect attracting garden with a focus on native and indigenous plants.

I hope you find something you love here.  Maybe a print for you or someone special in your life, some inspiration for starting your own bird attracting garden or the right photographer for capturing your garden story.


New Print Release

Honey Bee Collects Pollen

A 4 image series.   Bringing you up close to beautiful textures and colours as the Honey Bees collect pollen and enjoy the flower nectar.

Images available to purchase individually.  Or create your own 2, 3 or 4 image display.

Which 2 images would you choose?

Maybe you have a little more space to create a 3 image display.  

Print Details

Photographic Paper

8×10 range are printed on Kodak Endura Lustre Paper.  We love this paper for the beautiful sheen and look it brings to the prints.

Image Size

8×10 images printed on 10×12 paper creating a white border feature.   This makes the print a little larger than the image,  Measurements are in inches.


8×10 range of prints are made available as print only. This allows you to choose your preferred display options.


Special pricing offers are available for 2 or more 8×10 prints. Pricing includes standard delivery within Australia.

“They make you feel like you were there when they were taken”

“I thought these images looked beautiful and couldn’t wait to receive them.  I was blown away by how stunning they are in real life.  I can’t wait to get more.  They’re not just pictures, they make you feel like you were there when they were taken”.

Lisa A

printed flower images

A Rose


A stunning abstract display of the colour, texture and design of a single garden rose.

White Gerbera

digital wallpaper

Digital images designed to bring the beautiful colours or textures of nature to your mobile phone wallpaper display.
Starting at $3.25 per image or 4 for $10.


Ladybird Blurred


Wattle Blurred


Lavender Blurred

Little Corella

Little Corella Blurred

Pink Gerbera

Pink Gerbera Blurred


Agapanthus Blurred

Home Garden Photography

Four special reasons for booking a garden photography session

Celebrate Your Garden

A home garden holds a special place in your personal story.  Years of love and care create a home garden full of stunning plants, visiting wildlife and cherished memories.

Flowers As Art

Your flowers are so beautiful in bloom.  They are their own little pieces of art with visually stunning colour and detail.

Garden Portrait

Your garden as a beautiful backdrop for a portrait of you or someone special in your life.


If you ever have to leave a garden behind, this is such a beautiful way of taking these precious memories with you.

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